Day 3: We’re Gonna Celebrate

“One more time we’re gonna celebrate
Oh yeah all right don´t stop the dancing”
-Daft Punk

I’m gonna take this time today to throw myself a little party…

I’ve figured it out!



I’ve got reservations for Dance: party of one!

Alright, I guess for the sake of this blog I’ll take a break from my celebration to tell you why exactly I have become to pleased:

It’s day three.


Seriously. Google the words 3rd day is always the worst and I promise you will find a number of things that become exponentially more terrible on the third day. To list a few; when you start working out after you haven’t for a while, third day is the worst. After a surgery, third day is the worst. For the ladies out there, during that unfortunate time of the month, third day is always the worst (and it’s usually about that time that I consider “murderer” as a legitimate occupation). The common cold, withdrawal from any sort of substance, whatever the thing may be, (Google) and I guarantee that the third day is, in fact, the very worst.

But you know what I’ve got to say to day three!?

I PREVAIL. So you can take your “worst day” status and stick it where the sun don’t shine! Nana nana boo boo!

Instead of a torturously slow day, filled with me trying and failing not to look at myself, my day went by faster than the UW men’s rowing team at full tilt boogie!*

I figured out the key to success.**

Just think about things other than yourself. Simple, right? I literally can not tell you how obvious this should have been yesterday as I struggled with my self-absorption. I’m sure anyone that read my last post (Day 2: I’m Comin’ Clean) is now saying to themselves “doy, Christel. It really took you 24 hours to figure that out? Scoff***!”

Anyway that’s my update today.

Day 3 – you were no match for me!


*full tilt boogie: the fastest/hardest a person can go while rowing/erging.

**this key to success is only applicable to my project. I am not saying this is the general key to success in life****. Though thinking about things other than yourself IS a good thing to keep in mind everyday.

***I wish there was a better way to insert a scoff in my writing rather than actually writing “scoff”

****the general key to success in life is actually Jesus.


Also, check out Day 1 and Day 2.


2 thoughts on “Day 3: We’re Gonna Celebrate

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