Day 4: Smoke and Mirrors

“As the smoke and mirrors start to fade away
We’re still the same”

If it wasn’t obvious from the giant title, today’s topic: Smoke and Mirrors.

What does the phrase “smoke and mirrors” mean you ask?

Well, according to the Googs

smoke and mirrors

How does this title and the lyrics that I posted tie in to my experimental week? Well aside from the obvious “mirrors” part……

I’m still the same. Without looking at myself, without allowing myself to get all gussied up in the morning, without visual confirmation of who I am, I know I am still me. In fact, I may be a better me.

A lot of you have been asking*, “without mirrors, how are you doing your makeup/hair/etc.”

Answer: I’m not wearing any makeup and I’ve never been one to try fancy things with my hair.

Basically I’ve stopped putting up a front. Smoke and mirrors have faded away. I’ve gotten a lot more honest** with others and myself through taking off my mask of makeup and perfectly done hair***. All of those things had been carefully cultivated into this false image of who I wanted you to see on a daily basis. Now it’s just me.

With all the smoke and mirrors (remember that’s embellishment or distortion of the truth) relatively removed from my life (for the time being, at least), I was able to build up the courage to start blogging in the first place. Now I know, none of this is of any real consequence or will change your lives… but I’m hoping it will make you laugh and understand who I am, and how I operate, and make you comfortable to be real with me, too.

But that’s really all I’ve got today. So I’m gonna end it with some more gems from my twitter because I know how you all**** love my tweets.

*None of you have actually asked me anything. I just said that to make it sound like you people are actually interested in my writing. BAH! I crack myself up!

**My project, this blog post by Brian Dolleman, and several other factors (including a Beth Moore “Sacred Secrets” study) have all contributed to this new honesty.

***Who am I kidding? My hair is never perfectly done! Hahahahahaha.

****I hope that “you all” are actually reading this because if not, then I’ve awkwardly just written this whole thing to no one but myself*****.

*****Then again, I talk to myself all the time to that’s not really a new or concerning fact in the slightest.

If you like me, you’ll also read my posts from Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3.


5 thoughts on “Day 4: Smoke and Mirrors

  1. I think what you are doing is cool. I don’t however think that by wearing make-up one is unreal. Based on that logic, we must all be completely naked to be real. Because of the fall we don’t do that though. Just a thought though.

    Your experiment is such a great eye opener to the crap that we focus on in our daily lives. I struggle with vanity in my daily life and find it ridiculous how much time I waste on it. There is so much more that I could/should be focusing on like people and JESUS!

    Anyways. You are awesome.

    • Yeah I understand where you’re coming from, but I’m not sure I’d say clothing is a mask. It’s definitely been a good experience though. Just today and tomorrow left! Not sure how I’ll feel about looking at myself again.

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