Day 5: Better than Revenge

“She should keep in mind
there is nothing I do better than revenge!”
Taylor Swift

Today’s post: STORY TIME!!!!

I guess I never clarified to you all that along with the no mirrors/reflections thing, I also am refraining from looking at any picture taken of myself during this week.


I currently am hanging out with some friends in Ellensbug, and on the drive over here I was telling my friends Elizabeth and Meghan all about this project (because I guess they are crazy people and don’t read my blog…clearly they are missing out. You all should go give them a piece of your minds!)

Anywho, after I told them about it, Elizabeth decided it was her sole mission in life to try and make me fail. Her attempts so far have included

A. sending me pictures that she has taken of me today with the caption “GOTCHA! HAHAHA!”

B. holding up mirrors in my face and trying to make me look at them…

I’m stuck (happily) with her for the next 24 hours and I have a feeling she will only get crazier and more creative as the day/night goes on, so please wish me the best of luck.

I had no idea when I started this that I would have to put up arms against people TAUNTING me with mirrors!!!!! (I do love a challenge though).

I am planning on exacting my revenge in a both great and terrible way (and I am open to ideas here of how exactly i should get her back for this torment).

But, despite the silliness, I really am grateful to have Liz and Meghan with me because they are gonna GLAM ME UP tonight to celebrate my best friends’ birthday! YAY 🙂

ALSO – I just realized that within this week long experience, yesterday was my hump day and forgot to celebrate it!!! So, in honor of yesterdays’s hump day:


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