Day 6: With A Little Help From My Friends

“Yes I get by with a little help from my friends,
with a little help from my friends”
The Beatles

Momma gave me this quote.

I was explaining to her all the fun I was having yesterday, and pointed out that near the end of the night (and as my friends were going over pictures of our adventures and posting them to facebook this morning) I nearly lost all resolve with this project.

I practically begged them to show me the photos.

And despite their little games yesterday, being the good friends that they are, they denied me the photos and told me that they’d send them all to me on Tuesday… CAN YOU BELIEVE I’VE ONLY GOT ONE MORE DAY AFTER THIS!?

I’m so excited to see myself again.

We’ll be like long lost relatives. Reunited at last, after what feels like a lifetime.

I doubt I’ll even recognize myself. I bet I have aged immensely what with all the stress of avoiding any and all reflective surfaces. I wouldn’t even be surprised if I went prematurely gray… (I do take after my father after all, and he’s got a nice salt and pepper thing goin on :))

But enough about me… since it’s Sunday and Sunday is the day of rest, I really don’t feel like typing much more. I’ve already got a wrist cramp!!! (btw remind me to tell you THAT story another time…)

So, to finish off this post I’ve collected a few gems from the YouTube.


1. Watch this… guarantee you won’t see the best part coming!

2. This one isn’t as funny, but very cool. Why don’t I have a mirror like this!?

3. This one, is a little longer but I highly suggest you watch the whole thing. Some people’s reactions made me practically fall out of my chair.

2 more posts after this!!!! Be lookin out!


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